Learn more about the infamous archer.

Who loves the dim, religious light?
Who always keeps a star in sight?
An optimist, both gay and bright?
It is the Sagittarius!

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lavandergirlviolet said: ❤ As a Sagittarius, we are blunt like a knife even to the sensitive or the most sensitive. But we only just speak the truth, we didn't mean to hurt your feelings at all. We're innocent like a child when we just speak the truth in this way. ♪
lavandergirlviolet said: Sagittarius just wanna have fun ~ ♪

It is officially the time of the Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21).

Some famous Sagittarians include:

- Winston Churchill
- Jimi Hendrix
- Britney Spears
- Katherine Heigl
- Tina Turner
- Bruce Lee
- Miley Cyrus
- William Blake
- Mark Twain
- Gianni Versace
- Ozzy Ozbourne
- Jeff Bridges
- Jay-Z
- Little Richard
- Noam Chomsky
- Frank Sinatra
- Nostradamus
- Jane Austen
- Brad Pitt
- Keith Richards

And many many more.

Enjoy your time fellow Sagittarians! :) 

I will not be posting anytime soon. I AM NOT ABANDONING IT HOWEVER.
I just have some personal issues I need to resolve and I thought it would only be fair for you all to know.

Sorry and thanks for all the support!

-The Happy Sag. 

Anon is however closed. I will answer all of your questions directly back into your ask boxes. All messages will be private and will not be posted, as to avoid clogging and messiness of the blog AND to provide some confidentiality for those who wish it.

Thanks for all your patience!

-The Happy Sag. :)

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